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With a unique combination of infection protection & contamination control products & services, STERIS Corporation offers customized solutions for a variety of environments. Rely on STERIS to help you gain productivity, lower costs, & protect staff & patients throughout your Sterile Processing Department & GI/Endoscopy Suite.


MEDIFA (Germany)

Medifa is an owner-managed and global medical technology company. The product & service portfolio covers the complete range of modular wall, door & ceiling systems, mobile operating tables & operating theater accessories, as well as examination chairs for gynecology, urology & proctology.

WONDALEAF (Malaysia)

Wondaleaf was founded by Dr John Tang, a consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, & was set up in 2013 to develop & manufacture novel medical devices. They are the world’s first & only three-dimensional adhesive barrier dressing/condom manufacturer. It is made of breathable polyurethane film, making their products strong, inert, ultra-thin, & water-proof.

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Newmed (Italy)

Newmed is highly regarded by healthcare professionals globally, working in dental, medical, veterinary & other healthcare environments. Our extensive equipment portfolio means that we have something to suit all requirements, budgets sterilizers & specifications.


LISCHKA (Germany)

LISCHKA GmbH is a manufacturer of cleaning & disinfection appliances & medical furnishings. All of the information about the "Geysir" bedpan washer & the "ProLine Color" & "ProLine Stainless" medical furnishings as well as all of our other products may be found on their website.

KLS MARTIN (Germany)

KLS Martin develops & markets medical technology solutions such as implant systems, electrosurgery units, surgical laser systems, sterilization containers, OR lights, surgical instruments as well as individual OR solutions.


EBRACO (Vietnam)

EBRACO Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of clean room & controlled environment products for industrial & medical needs with manufacturing & R&D facilities in Vietnam, China, Thailand and Germany.



MEDIVENT germicidal units effectively destroy microorganisms in irradiated region by emitting ultraviolet radiation UV-C band (254nm wavelength). The air flow germicidal unit MEDIVENT draws contaminated air from the room & returns disinfected air.

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